Arasamma receives compensation for her livestock

Wild Seve Compensation Human Wildlife Conflict

Arasamma from the village of Mangala has observed many instances of human-wildlife interactions in the area. Livestock grazing near the periphery of the nearby national park boundary have been preyed upon, even in broad daylight.

Arasamma herself has lost over three buffaloes to leopards and tigers. She had never filed for compensation with the State Forest Department, citing the tedious nature of the application process. The WildSeve program has been very helpful in aiding villages file for compensation since the start of its operations in her village.

Arasamma states “WildSeve have responded every time we call their toll-free number, and have helped us in filing the compensation claims, and even follow up the claims with the Forest Department. I have received compensation for the first time in years through their help”. She received a compensation amount of Rs.6,000 for the loss of her livestock.

Villagers like Arasamma have got a ray of hope that they would receive some remuneration for their loss by applying for compensation through the WildSeve program.