Kalnayaka calls Wild Seve, receives Rs. 9000 from the Karnataka Forest Department

Kalnayaka is local villager from Berambaadi, situated in the G.S. Betta range of the Bandipur Tiger Reserve. He explains that there were periodic instances of livestock depredation around periphery of his village. However, in recent years predators have started entering the village and preying on the livestock there.

Kalnayaka lost his goat to a leopard on 28th August 2016 and has had many sleepless nights since. WildSeve has helped to file for compensation with the Forest Department. He acknowledges that the WildSeve team has responded swiftly for any human-wildlife incidents in his village, and states that their presence has boosted morale amongst the villagers. He was compensated Rs.9,000 from the Karnataka Forest Department for the loss of his livestock.

Due to the intervention of WildSeve project, villagers have started to believe in the Karnataka Forest Department allotted compensation. They report every single case of human animal conflict. Like Kalanayaka, it has influenced many villagers to co-operate with the WildSeve team and the forest department. This development augurs well for the future.