Rajaiah receives compensation for his livestock loss

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Rajaiah, from Hongahalli, explains that leopards and tigers attack their livestock regularly, resulting in the loss of many of their animals. However, they had never received any compensation even when applications were filed for their loss.

The process was tedious and time consuming. “I’m pleased that Wild Seve has helped me in filing and receiving the compensation for my livestock’s loss”, he states. He received a fair compensation for the loss of his livestock from the Forest Department for the very first time, and is hopeful of receiving a timely compensation for any future incidents, with the help of the WildSeve team. He has received a compensation of Rs.2000 for his livestock (goat) which was predated upon by a leopard.

Due to logistical and personal difficulties, Rajaiah never used to apply for compensation from the forest department. Now, it has become very easy and less time consuming. WildSeve attends the call every single time and helps the farmer in filing for compensation.