A leopard attacks Roopesh’s cow

On August 2015, Wild Seve receives a call from Roopesh in a village called Antharasanthe. He has lost a cow to a leopard attack. We file a compensation claim for him and five months later, he receives a compensation of Rs. 9,500.



“I had been facing conflicts with wildlife for the past three years. Leopard attacks on livestock was a common affair. Most conflicts were not reported and people did not try to apply for compensation because of the logistics and bureaucracy involved. Even in the rare cases when people did apply, the process was fraught with difficulty, with poor response from the Karnataka Forest Department,” Roopesh tells us.

With the assistance of Wild Seve, Roopesh says, “the whole process has become very easy. Compensation from the government, which used to be a dream, is now reality”.