The remote village of N Belathur borders Nagarahole Tiger Reserve, and here we found another account of incredible tolerance to wildlife with Ananthkumar and his family. Having farmed on his ancestral land for over 50 years, he has several stories to tell about the wildlife that has frequented his village over the years. He recalled seeing his livestock being taken by predators in front of his eyes numerous times, and feeling completely helpless – a trend that he feels has increased over the past two decades. Additionally, he was completely unaware that there existed a governmental mechanism for compensation for livestock loss and crop loss. Despite having suffered massive losses due to wildlife, he does not appear to resent them. He shared with us that he belonged to the Jain community that harbours a culture of not causing harm to any living creatures, and thus had silently incurred the losses without any retaliation while receiving no compensation.

On finding out about Wild Seve through one of our village publicity drives, he got in touch with our team. He was glad to hear that we also provided financial support in building permanent cattle sheds for families that have seen repeated cases of livestock predation, as well as in villages where such incidents occur quite frequently. Ananthkumar was more than willing to invest in this effort, and with our support he now has the largest cattle shed out of all the structures we have helped build so far.

He has called us thrice, and though his cases are documented and registered, he is yet to receive compensation which is still being processed by the forest department.  Yet, he is grateful for now having a cattle-shed, and also optimistic about receiving compensation. He says, “After finding out through Wild Seve that a compensation mechanism exists, for the first time I am hopeful of receiving payment for the losses that I have incurred over the years.”